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About Landmark

Landmark Roofing and Restoration is a family-owned and operated company for 3 generations bringing Cleveland and the surrounding area a combined 50+ years of experience in roofing, masonry and home improvement.

We specialize in roof repairs, renovations, restorations and reconditioning. We only use the best materials and hire our own workers, meaning no subcontractors.

We are bonded and insured for up to $2 million dollars.



Landmark specializes in the repair, reconditioning and replacement of commercial and residential roofs. We have extensive experience in building and repairing every type of roof, from pitched roofs to commercial flat roofs.


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One of Landmark's specialties is masonry and brickwork. We can resolve your toughest issues, such as tuck-pointing, chimney repair, brick wall repair, fireplaces, retaining walls and steps.


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Foundation Repair

The foundation of your house or garage is extremely important. This is why Landmark takes a 3-step approach when identifying foundation issues. We assess the outside of the home, then we go inside the home home to identify where the leaks are coming in and finally we check for any physical damage, such as cracks, settling or bowing in bricks.


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Why Choose Us

 We have built our reputation on our commitment to provide quality service. After all, “The quality of the product is only as good as the service that backs it.”

Here at Landmark service means customer satisfaction, excellence, reliability and integrity.

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